Lab Personnel

Research Scientists

Dr. Solange Filoso, ecosystems ecologist - biogeochemistry and nutrient dynamics in aquatic ecosystems, restoration ecology.

Graduate Researchers:

Recent Lab Alumni:


Steve Epting, MS 2016 - currently Biologist with the EPA Healthy Watersheds Program and National Tribal Nonpoint Source Coordinator

Jake Hosen, PhD 2015 - currently Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University

Catherine Febria, Postdoc 2013 - currently Post Doctoral Fellow in Biological Sciences at University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

Benjamin Koch, Postdoc 2013 - currently Assistant Research Professor at Center for Ecosystem Science and Society, Northern Arizona University

Owen McDonough, PhD 2013 - Environmental Policy Program Manager at National Association of Home Builders

Brian Laub, PhD 2011 - Postdoctoral Fellow at Utah State University

Laura Craig, PhD 2009 - Associate Director, River Restoration Program, American Rivers

Evan Grant, PhD 2009 - USGS Research Scientist

David Richardson, PhD 2008 - Assistant Professor at State University of New York, New Paltz

Holly Menninger, PhD 2006 - Director of Public Science for Your Wild Life at NC State University

Bob Smith, MS 2006 -Postdoctoral Research Associate at UMASS-Amherst/Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit

Chris Patrick, BS 2006 - Ecologist at Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Brooke Hassett, MS 2006 - Lab Manager, Bernhardt Lab, Duke University

Chris Swan, PhD 2003 - Associate Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Aaron Moore, MS 2003 - Biomonitoring, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

Brad Cardinale, PhD 2002 - Associate Professor at University of Michigan